8 Best Gifts For Dog Owners

Dog owners are always looking for ways to improve dog care and have more fun with their dogs. So, finding great gifts for dog owners is important.

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Dog owners are always looking for ways to improve dog care and have more fun with their dogs, which is why finding great Christmas gifts for dog owners is so important.

According to a recent report from Rover, about two-thirds of Americans own a pet. Now more than ever, after the pandemic, people consider their pet part of the family.

The report from Rover found that approximately 90% of pet parents plan to give their dog or cat a gift this holiday season.

So, if your close friend or family member has a furry canine companion, you can’t go wrong finding a Christmas gift that is dog-related - but what are the best gifts for dog owners?

Typically, the best gifts for dog owners are the ones that are practical and not just trivial accessories. Think gifts that have practical and functional uses, that make taking care of their dog either easier or more fun.

Below are 8 perfect gifts for dog owners:


1. Walkabout Handsfree Convertible Leash

This stylish and durable 8 foot convertible leash is made of USA made biothane, so it has a soft feel like leather, but is more lightweight and easy-to-clean. The cool thing about this leash is that it easily converts from a regular hand-held leash into an over-the-shoulder, cross-body or adjustable waist version, when you want to go hands-free for dog training, like when you are teaching a dog to heel. This means you can secure the leash around your waist or wear it cross-body, and freely use your hands to interact with others or train your dog with hand commands.

The Walkabout Handsfree Convertible Leash can also be used as an indoor and outdoor tether that can secure your dog to a piece of heavy furniture or something as big as a tree, if needed, in between training sessions. Can be ordered with a matching collar.


2. Portable Dog Water Bottle with Feeder and Water Cup

This is one of the most practical gifts for dog owners who like to take their dog with them on lots of adventures such as hikes and long park hang-outs. This new product is a doggie water bottle, treat dispenser, and waste disposal station all in one. Your dog can enjoy pure and safe water from this portable dog water bottle, and enough food on a day trip or long walk. In addition, You can clean the pet's excrement with the product’s attached mini shovel, and put it in the attached convenience bag.


3. iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Dog owners will love this fun new twist on the classic game of fetch with the iFetch automatic ball launcher. This innovative ball launcher for dogs will help dog owners easily toss tennis balls anywhere you want, at 3-10 feet intervals, and can be adjusted to the space you’re playing in. It'll stay idle until the ball is dropped in, and we can teach the dog to do this. It runs on battery or can be plugged in, which is very handy.

This product will help give dogs the mental and physical exercise they need.


4. Custom Dog Breed Campfire Mug from Groovy Guy Gifts

What dog owner wouldn’t want a custom campfire mug of their dog breed with their dog’s name on it? This is one of the most unique and fun gifts for dog owners, and it’s bound to be their new favorite mug.
This one-of-a-kind dog breed mug from Groovy Guy Gifts is custom made with your recipient’s dog's breed and name engraved in a cool 3D style fashion. Some of the best gifts for dog owners are going to be gifts with their pet's breed and dog's name, and this mug definitely fits that bill. Made in the style of a camping mug, it comes in a rich navy blue color with a unique speckled finish that will get the attention of your recipient. It also has a slightly flared top for easier drinking and fewer spills. The best thing about it is the stylish design is only enhanced with your custom engraving.


5. Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker from Tractive GPS

Give the gift of peace of mind with Tractive GPS, the world's most trusted pet GPS tracker and one of the best gifts for dog owners for those concerned with losing their dog. This small waterproof device attaches to your pet's collar and provides real-time live GPS tracking straight to your phone, plus location history, virtual fence, activity monitoring, and more. Tractive is the most affordable option of all GPS pet trackers and has the best connectivity -- it works with all major cell providers to give you the most accurate GPS tracking in over 175 countries around the world, so you can keep your furry friend safe no matter what adventures life brings.


6. Pet-Pourri Dog Odor Eliminator: Best Gifts for Dog Owners with Stinky Pets

From the makers of Poo-Pourri comes Pet-Pourri! Love your furry friend, but not their funk? Pet-Pourri eliminates odor caused by pets extremely efficiently. Proprietary natural Funk Lock™️ Technology neutralizes pet odor molecules, so your nose can’t register them—fancy! Pet-Pourri eliminates odor entirely and leaves your home smelling pawsitively fresh!

Pet-Pourri has many different pet odor eliminator products such as sprays, odor-eliminating candles, and more.


7. Antibacterial Copper Dog Bowl

This unique copper pet bowl is equal parts beautiful, practical, and health-conscious. Copper not only has a pretty rose gold color that will compliment your home, but it is a material that also naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, which makes it perfect for storing your pet’s drinking water. Using a copper pet bowl can help avoid the biofilm that forms in other types of pet drinking bowls. Biofilm, which is a by-product of your pet’s saliva mixing with water, can contain disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Copper pet bowls can prevent biofilm from forming due to copper’s antibacterial properties. Instead of scrubbing biofilm the hard way, cleaning your pet bowl can be as simple as running your dog’s copper bowl under hot water with gentle soap and then wiping the bowl completely clean. For more details about copper pet bowls, read the full description here. This copper pet bowl is beautiful to look at, healthier for your dog than other pet bowls, and looks great in any home.


8. Dog DNA Test from CirclePAW

This at-home DNA test for dogs only requires a simple cheek swab from your dog, and you’ll get over 200 reports all about your dog, based on their DNA. You’ll learn what breed (or mix of breeds) your dog is, as well as information about their genetic health risks, personality traits, and likely behavior traits.

A DNA test for dogs from CirclePAW will help you get to know your dog better, so you can not only take better care of your dog and understand your dog better, but also strengthen your relationship and bond with your dog.

This is the perfect gift for dog owners who care about their dog’s health, and want to understand their dogs better to improve their relationship with their doggie.