DIY Dog Toys You Can Make Yourself

Toys are an important part of dog lives and crucial for mental stimulation. Dog toys can also be expensive, and that’s where DIY dog toys come in.

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Dogs need toys, as toys are an important part of their lives and crucial for mental stimulation. However, dog toys can also be expensive, and that’s where DIY dog toys come in.

In this economy, many of us have to tighten spending in all areas of our lives. But this doesn’t mean our dogs have to go without something new to play with, especially when DIY dog toys are an easy and affordable option.

Remember, dogs aren’t picky, and they don’t know the difference between an expensive storebought toy and a handmade toy. They’re easy to please and they’ll often love your DIY dog toys.

It’s possible to make your own fun and safe DIY dog toys for them to enjoy, keeping them occupied while you hang out in the living room together and unwind after a long day. In this guide, we'll take you through some of our favorite DIY dog toys so that you can find some inspiration and maybe even make a few new toys for your pup.

Why are Toys Important for Dogs?

Contrary to what you might think, walking your dog isn’t enough to keep them happy and occupied. Dogs are intelligent (and sentient) creatures that get bored just like humans. Mental stimulation is essential for dogs to lead happy and fulfilled lives, and toys are perfect for keeping boredom away and preventing destructive behavior.

Getting your dogs toys to keep them occupied and mentally stimulated is part of good dog care. When dogs don’t get the mental exercise they need, they are prone to shredding the furniture and household items that they shouldn’t. So, if you want to keep your dog occupied and prevent your home from getting ruined, you need to ensure they have plenty of toys.

Additionally, hard toys are good for puppies who are teething as it gives them something to chew to relieve the pressure. This also helps take their focus off your hands; as we all know, puppies go through a biting stage.

DIY Dog Toys You Can Make at Home

Now that we’ve been through the facts let's take a closer look at the toys you can make for your dog.

All 6 of these are great ways to keep your pooch occupied, and they are really easy DIY dog toys that take hardly any time to put together.

Rope Ball

Rope balls tend to be fairly robust, which is good for dogs who like to chew. This one might take some time and practice to perfect, but it will be worth it in the end. Make sure the rope you choose is hard-wearing and able to withstand your dog’s jaws.

What you need to do is tie the rope into a large monkey’s fist that is bigger than your dog’s mouth to prevent choking. When this is done, you can either give it to your dog as is or slip a treat into the knot for them to find.


Puzzle Toy

Only use this one if you don’t mind your dog making a mess (which also means you should let them have it on hard floors and not carpet). This one is a lot of fun for your dog, a bit of a puzzle, and will definitely keep their mind stimulated for a while.

This is one of those DIY dog toys that’s easy to make, and you can finally find a use for the cardboard boxes your packages arrive in.

What you need to do is grab an old cardboard box, put some treats inside, and then tape it together. You can even put peanut butter in if you’re feeling fancy. Once the box is sealed, give it to your dog and watch them rip it apart. It’s controlled destruction and loads of fun for your dog.

Interactive Feeder

These toys are another great way to keep your dog’s mind occupied and give them the mental stimulation that they need. It could even keep them occupied for a few hours, depending on how quickly your dog is able to sus the puzzle out.

All you really need for this one is a length of PVC pipe and to drill large holes into it that treats can fall out of (but not too easily). Sand the holes down to make it safe for your dog, and seal the ends with some card or other material that can keep everything together.

Push treats or kibble through the holes you made in the pipe and then place it on the floor. Your dog will push it around with their nose or paw, causing treats to fall out and keeping them occupied until the pipe is completely empty.


Tug Toy

This actually makes a fairly robust toy, and it’s something you can use with your dog as a bonding activity. All you need is two old shirts that you don’t use anymore and to cut them into strips. Once this is done, braid them together, and you have a fantastic toy that you can play tug of war with your dog.

Fishing Pole

While this is often marketed to cats, dogs can get a lot out of this too. It’s another interactive one that allows you to bond with your dog as you play together. It also gives them a little physical exercise in addition to mental stimulation.

Grab a thin PVC pipe (very thin), drill a hole in the top, and loop some elastic rope through it. Secure the rope with a knot, leaving a length the same as the pipe drooping down. Attach a small toy to the end of the elastic rope, and you have a fun fishing pole for your dog.

Interactive Tennis Ball

This is one of the easiest toys on the list, and it combines two of a dog’s favourite things - tennis balls and treats. This is technically classed as a puzzle, and it’s a good way to keep them occupied and get their brains working.

All you need to do is take a tennis ball and cut it open (but not in half). Once that’s done, stuff it with treats and give it to your dog. They will push it around, bite it, and do everything they can to extract the treats. It can keep them busy for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours - it just depends on what your dog is like.

Final Thoughts

With a little time and patience, you’ll have a whole selection of homemade toys that your dog can play with. There’s a lot to be said for DIY dog toys, but the important thing to remember is that you should never leave your dog unsupervised with any toys. Try out at least one of these toys and see how much fun your dog has with it.

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